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 Why we love what we do

Super Rad Graphics started off as a small business that offers graphic Design and 3D modeling services. I started as an Industrial Design graduate from Cal State University Long Beach and worked in display design right out of college. I then was recruited into videogame development where I developed games for over 12 years. Having a videogame background I came up with the idea of using Gamer as my trademark. I didn't want to limit myself to onlv videogames but anything that involves with games such as sports. As a teenager I started racing On-road oval 1/10th scale foam tire RC cars. That was put on hold when I went to college.  After college I was settled in my career and decided to go back into racing but this time I chose 1/10th scale touring cars. This is where I got the idea of creating decals for RC cars and moved on to RC racing t-shirts. Now I am  expanding my services to  also trophies.  I just purchased a DTF printer for my T-shirts and will be getting my laser cutter for the trophies. Stay tuned for more creative things coming up. I would also like to say that I appreciate all of your support in keeping SRG up and running.

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